Adding telemedicne is critical for the care of your patients and staff

Coronavirus: Mobilize your physicians for remote work 


A major challenge today is keeping patients and their families safe during this outbreak of Coronavirus. When patients enter a waiting room there is the potential of being exposed to the Coronavirus and thus infecting their family, friends and others in the neighborhood. 

Not only are other patients at risk, the physician, staff and others in the area are exposed to potential serious illness. 

Telemedicine will allow you to offer your patients and their families a clear alternative to coming to a waiting room. The stress of driving, finding parking, waiting in the waiting room and waiting to be seen may prevent people from seeking medical advice at the very time they may need it the most. 

Consider offering your patients the opportunity of having a medical visit from the privacy and safety of their home. 

TeleMedVIP has a solution, one that is mutually beneficial. 

Please consider offering your patients a clear alternative, while allowing you to practice quality medicine. 

Telehealth Practice

A web and mobile application for health providers and organizations to engage with patients and manage their business. With built-in capabilities to support your practice's needs, the TeleMedVIP platform sets your business up for greater success.

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Patient Health Records

The right information leads to better decisions. Make informed decisions about your patients' care with access to their health records. Comprehensive health records of your patients that are accessible to you during consultations.

Remote Monitoring

Always assure your patients the best health care. Custom care plans to track and monitor your patients between visits. Reduce the risk of health complications between clinic visits and improve treatment adherence through continuous monitoring.


Streamlining consultations, online and in-clinic. We help you keep track of your busy schedule and manage your time. Appointment scheduling for staff and booking for patients with status updates to prevent no-shows and save your practice losses.

Video Consultation

Meet more patients every day. A quick and efficient service to follow-up with your patients, wherever they may be. A great way for elderly patients, patients with disabilities and those located far away to connect with you.

Patient Questions

Accessibility, on your terms. Answer questions from patients without it affecting your personal time. A great way to help your patients with question they may have about their health or medication.


Communication made simple. Tell patients about what's new and send communication about events that may be relevant to them. Saves your staff time and reduces the need to invest in different tools for email or SMS communication.

Patient Portal

Customize your online presence. A user-friendly patient portal to showcase your practice and its services. Integrated with a health blog for patient education. Easy to edit at any time, without any assistance.

Billing & Reports

Keep track of your growing practice. Collect payments online and manage online billing and revenue reports for your practice to track revenue. An easy option to audit your practice, helping you identify what services works best for your practice.

Mobile Apps

Making it convenient for you to manage your patients and practice. Mobile apps for both providers and patients. Accessibility to manage your practice and services as well as the convenience for patients to stay in touch.

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How it works:

Sign Up

The sign up process is easy and quick.   Our team will begin your setup process as soon as you have completed the sign up.  


Our technology is available instantly and with ease.  Examine patients with state of the art diangostic equipment, or schedule a video call for simple cases.  


Our online booking system is easy  for your  patient to use and coordinates with your schedule.


Treat your patients quickly, efficiently, and safely in their own home.

Our platform accepts online payments.