Patient PHR

Helping you provide better health outcomes. Your patients’ health reports and comprehensive medical history available at your fingertips. Review health reports on a secure platform meant exclusively for health communication.

Build Your Own Patient Database

It takes less than a minute to add a new patient to your practice. Patients can also register themselves by filling in a simple registration form. You can access and update the PHR of all patients who are registered in your practice.

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Access Patient Data Anywhere, Anytime

The patient PHR provides unlimited online storage for your patients’ health data. All this information is securely accessible to you from anywhere, at any time you need it. This means that you can access this information during clinic consultations and online video consultations.

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Patients Are Involved in Their Care

The patient PHR is a secure way for patients to access and share their health data with you. They can also upload medical reports, details of medications prescribed or update health readings taken at home or from GoogleFit and Healthkit.

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