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An Executive Health Program that delivers 24/7, anywhere there's an internet connection
Successful Work Team
Attract Top Talent
Retain Key Players
Improve Employee Health
Reduce Downtime​

Our flexible service allows you to pay a minimal annual membership per each employee.  Your team can then enjoy the full benefits of concierge medicine.  They can be seen within minutes, in the comfort of their own home or office.  Our HIPAA compliant app ensures privacy and convenience.  Our doctors go with you where ever your smart phone goes, ideal for those who travel.  Get pricing.

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Our Difference: Quality Care & Convenience

Our Difference: Quality Care & Convenience

In a typical family medicine or primary care practice, the doctor sees an average of 18 patients a day. Some doctors see many more. That’s why it takes so long to get an appointment, why waiting rooms are so full and why the visits are so short. TeleMedVIP affiliated doctors leverage technology so they have more time. This means:

  • You will get an appointment with your doctor the same or next day instead of waiting weeks, the average waiting time for a appointment at a traditional primary care practice.

  • Your appointments will start on time - you won’t be stuck in the lobby waiting an hour for your visit to begin.

  • You’ll see your doctor, not some other provider.

  • You’ll be able to reach your doctor after hours for urgent care needs.

You can see your doctor from the comfort of your own home.  When you see your doctor you won’t spend time in waiting rooms with sick patients and then be rushed out of the exam room. You’ll have time to talk about all your health concerns and get your questions answered. And your doctor will work with you one-on-one to help you stay well and prevent illness. 


The technology we employ at TeleMedVIP is a proven, state of the art medical diagnostic device that's easy to use and gives your doctor detailed and critical information in a secure and private app right from your phone or tablet.   Here's how it works:

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"I am combining tech with superior medical care. We want to prevent disease, not wait and treat it after it has already begun. When one becomes ill we want to make it convenient for the person to access care using technology from the comfort of their home. I am combining tech with superior medical care." 

Dr. Thomas Updike 


How much time did you spend with your doctor during your last wellness checkup?  Did you talk about preventive care?  Did you feel like your doctor was in a rush?  Did you leave with a plan for your health and understand the next steps?

Most annual checkups include a nurse asking a few health related questions and taking some vital signs.  The doctor is usually in an out of the room in 5-8 minutes.  The doctor may do some blood tests and make a few general recommendations and send you on your way.  

TeleMedVIP has developed an entirely new protocol which includes a proactive approach to health.  The annual exam covers dna testing and a detailed family history.  Your TeleMedVIP-affiliated doctor will take you through the TeleMedVIP Wellness Program, which is paid for by your membership fee.

You will receive comprehensive, advanced health screenings and diagnostic tests that have been shown to help detect issues earlier but are not typically covered by commercial insurance or Medicare. The results help give a clearer view of your overall health.

You and your doctor will discuss your health test results in detail. You’ll know your numbers, understand what those numbers mean and how they can be improved. Together, you’ll develop an individualized action plan that will include next steps, how progress will be measured and a time frame for follow up.

Whether you’re managing a chronic illness, have a family history of disease or consider yourself the picture of health, there’s always room for improvement. This is what the TeleMedVIP Wellness Program is all about — identifying and addressing your unique needs so you can focus on living your best.

The TeleMedVIP Wellness Program Measures:

Heart Health, Diabetes, Respiratory Health, Bone Health, Sleep, Nutrition and Fitness, Vision, Hearing, Emotional Well-Being, Sexual Health, Weight Management 

Your Customized Wellness Plan

Here are examples of what could be included in your personalized wellness plan:

  • Meal plans, recipes and shopping lists if you’re following a diet that can help prevent or manage diabetes or cholesterol levels;

  • Customized exercise videos tailored to your fitness level if osteoporosis or re-injuring your back is a concern;

  • A nutrition and fitness plan that can actually help you lose weight and finally keep it off.

Even if you’re in the best shape of your life, MDVIP’s Wellness Program can help you maintain good health and avoid some of the problems that come with aging through early detection. In short, the TeleMedVIP Wellness Program is a comprehensive tool to help you and your doctor map out a health plan specific to you. It reflects your test results AND your health goals. Published studies have shown that the TeleMedVIP personalized preventive care approach leads to better health outcomes and can help keep you out of the ER and the hospital.

Other advantages of membership in an TeleMedVIP-affiliated practice include:

  • 24/7 physician availablility via app

  • Connect website and app

  • Medical Centers Of Excellence

  • Family Plan & Travel Benefits