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Expand billable services
Improve patient outcomes
Pay nothing up front
Our flexible service allows you to pay as you go.  Leave the recruiting, hiring, firing and background checks to us.  Choose which services and doctors you want, when you want them.  Expand instantly with no upfront investment and virtually eliminate down time.  There is no fee to join. 

No Upfront Costs

Generate new revenue streams by offering consultations with specialists with zero upfront costs.  There are no fees to join.

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Use the easy sign up form to get started.  From there, we'll get you started with the services that you would like to add.

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You can start booking your services right away.  Improve your patient experience and cash flow right away. 

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From implementation to training, our staff makes implementation a snap.  It's as easy as using an app.

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One of the greatest advantages to our program is that you can add services and doctors, without the hiring process.  If a doctor is not the right fit for your needs, simply choose another one from our network.  There are no EEOC or unemployment issues to worry about.  

Another game changing aspect is that our services are completely scalable.  If you want to add 50 services tomorrow, you can do it.  If you want to try 1, you can do that.  We tailor the program to fit your needs and it can change at any moment to fit your requirements.  

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